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raw materials

Our raw materials are sourced from lumber mill operations. This reduces the amount of biomass waste that would otherwise require disposal. Traditional smoking methods require the use of wood chips or logs from trees cut down specifically for this purpose.  Making natural hardwood smoke from un-utilized sawdust from saw mill operations significantly reduces the need to cut down trees for traditional wood smoking operations. Using natural hardwood smoke rather than traditional methods also significantly decreases air emissions and helps to prevent deforestation.



R2H operates an allergen free and NON-GMO facility.  A third party audit under the GSFI scheme is conducted annually, and we hold SQF certification.  All products are Kosher Certified and Halal Certification is available as required.  Our facility is also subject to annual FDA inspection; licensed to operate by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. 


proudly made

in the u.s.a.

Our products are made here in Wisconsin by our very own DREAM TEAM!  Hardworking men and women who take tremendous pride in their strong work ethic and traditional family values. R2H is a unique young company with fresh ideas and a clear vision for the future.  We are focused on the continued use of new technology, creativity and innovation to provide only the best products to our customers.  Responsible management, fair treatment to others and sustainability are at the core of our corporate values.

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