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production facility

Located in the Industrial Park in Manitowoc, WI, our manufacturing facility is over 50,000 square feet of possibilities.  Currently, we can supply a significant share of the world's natural hardwood smoke market, with plenty of room to grow! The owners and employees of R2H have over 75 years of combined experience in the development and production of these unique products.  Our company is built on a solid foundation of technical ability, industry knowledge and efficiency.  This allows us to focus on what matters most...our customers! 

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our technology


clean  efficient  sustainable

Our equipment is designed and built using the most current technology available to optimize production and do our part to reduce environmental emissions.  A closed loop system consumes by products from manufacturing and utilizes the heat generated in this process to fuel our sawdust dryer.  The employees & owners of R2H live in the same community where our facility is located. Our responsibility to the environment and our community is a priority, we drink the same water and breathe the same air as those around us.  It goes against our core values to pollute the environment for the sake of profit. We are compliant with all DNR regulations and the the appropriate permits in place. 

further processing

Efficiency and cleanliness are at the top of our priority list. Clearly thought out process flow design allows us to maximize production and minimize  wasting valuable resources.  Automation has been incorporated into production wherever possible.  Not only does this create a safer working environment for our employees, it ensures the most consistent products available.  We hold Level 3 SQF certification, our quality systems enable us to deliver products of only the highest quality to our customers.

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